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About Our Church Family

We're a small church family made up of people who we believe are genuinely trying to seek God's best for others in the family and community. Different backgrounds, different people, but unified through the Spirit demonstrated in our local church.

We're independent, which means that there is no ruling organization over us, and we make our own decisions. We actually hold business meetings where our members vote on major church decisions.

We're baptistic, which means primarily that we believe that the Bible is our only authority, and that true believers, old enough to know it, should be baptized by immersion as a profession of their faith in Christ.


If you're unsure of what to expect at our services, relax. We don't expect you to dress a certain way or act a certain way. The only thing to be prepared for is to listen for the message of the Spirit of God through the lyrics of the songs,...

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Our Beliefs

The following is copied directly from our "Articles of Faith" that we agreed upon as members to represent the church's beliefs as a whole.ARTICLE I – DOCTRINAL STATEMENTI. InspirationA. The quality of all Scripture that makes it God's Word ...

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Pastor Pastor Joshua Sherman Joshua Sherman has been the pastor at Ripon Baptist Church since 2009 along with his wife, Joy, and four children: Hannah, Isaiah, Lydia, and Mica. Josh is a graduate of Faith Baptist Bible Col...

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We meet in a beautiful, stain glass windowed building on the corner of Metomen and Griswold Streets.Here is a list of the different facilities / ameneties we have:Auditorium with capacity up to 125Padded pews in the auditoriumUpstairs balco...

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Our facilities are newly located on Oshkosh Street across from Hillside Dental, right next to the walking trail in what was formerly the Affinity Clinic. 635 W Oshkosh St, Ripon, WI

Phone: 920-748-3936


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